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What is a Position?

The League of Women Voters takes action on an issue only when we have a position addressing that particular issue. Members must study and come to consensus on an issue, in order to form a position. This thorough grassroots process ensures that our advocacy is well considered by a broad range of people, understood by our members, and we have a sense of the political environment.

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State and local Leagues, and individual League members, have a critical role to play in helping to limit future climate change and protect the planet.


Promote peace in an interdependent world by working cooperatively with other nations and strengthening international organizations.


The League of Women Voters of the United States believes that one of the goals of social policy in the United States should be to promote self-sufficiency for individuals and families and that the most effective social programs are those designed to prevent or reduce poverty.


Promote an environment beneficial to life through the protection and wise management of natural resources in the public interest.


Promote an open governmental system that is representative, accountable and responsive.


Secure equal rights and equal opportunity for all. Promote social and economic justice, and the health and safety of all Americans.


The League of Women Voters supports a strong, effective United Nations and endorses the full and active participation of the United States in the UN system.