California Secretary of State Forum in Berkeley, CA

California Secretary of State Forum in Berkeley, CA


In the spring, hundreds of people gathered for two California

Secretary of State Forums – one in Los Angeles

and the other in San

Diego. The events sparked a great

statewide Twitter conversation. Why? Because the Secretary of State race is being

called the race

worth watching this year. Democrat Alex Padilla and Republican Pete

Peterson are the two candidates left in the runoff and the race is tight.

Did you know that one in four eligible Californians is not

registered to vote? That our state ranks 45th in the nation in voter

registration? That people are still being denied the right to vote because

English isn’t their first language or they have a disability?  This

year, we will have the power to choose the person who oversees the heart of our

democracy – the right to vote!

On October 9, 2014, John Myers of KQED, moderated a forum in Berkeley with the candidates

vying to be the state’s top elections official. To watch the event, visit

This is your opportunity to raise your voice and

have a say in how California’s elections are run and who gets to participate in

our democracy!

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