Vote-By-Mail Research Study and Toolkit

Vote-By-Mail Research Study and Toolkit


Millions of Californians choose to cast vote-by-mail ballots, but not every ballot cast gets counted. Each statewide election, tens of thousands of mail ballots cast are rejected, leaving voters disenfranchised. 

On Tuesday, October 14, the Future of California Elections (FoCE) hosted a panel on "Voting by Mail in California" at the UC Center Sacramento to share some of the reasons why vote-by-mail ballots are rejected and what voters can do to ensure their ballots get counted.

At this event, the California Civic Engagement Project shared their research study examining California's vote-by-mail ballots and voters. This includes:

  • Disparities in California's Vote-by-Mail Use: Changing Demographic Composition (2002-2012)
  • California's Uncounted Vote-by-Mail Ballots: Identifying Variation in County Processing
  • Disparities in California's Uncounted Vote-by-Mail Ballots: Youth, Party and Language Preference
Download the Vote-By-Mail Toolkit, which was created in partnership with FoCE and its members, to help assist voters with casting a timely and valid vote-by-mail ballot. Sample press releases are also available in Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Spanish, Tagalog, Thai, and Vietnamese. Visit for more information.


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