May 2020 Voter Newsletter

May 2020 Voter Newsletter

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Another month of shutdown is a challenge, but League is buzzing along online – here’s how you can keep up with what we are doing! Our May Voter has all the news!

  • First, get a quick start with Action/Advocacy  on the first Saturday, May 2 (if you’ve been missing these meetings, mark your calendar now – they sneak up early in the month sometimes!)
  • Hopefully you’re also planning to join the Moderator Training session the following Saturday – this is a rare opportunity to learn from a League expert.
  • Be sure to also mark your calendar with the new date for our Annual Meeting, Saturday June 20th. For starters, read Suzan’s letter about participating in this online meeting. Then learn about key Voter Services plans which will be a highlight of the discussion.
  • Annual Meeting includes electing new board members, and your name can be on that list. The Nominating Committee may have just the spot for you. . .
  • While you’re planning ahead for June, don’t miss the opportunity to sign up for LWVUS Convention, no travel required! You can attend the June 25-27 activities online this year.
  • Government is adjusting to remote meetings, and so are we, as our observers are on the job. We have a new observers’ report for May, and our Board of Supervisors report page has some interesting updates also!
  • One of our observers is helping healthcare workers fight COVID-19. That’s why she’s in the Member Spotlight this month – and you can help, too!
  • Do you miss running around with petitions for Schools and Communities First? Tell your story about why it means so much to you, and help build the fall campaign – it’s easy and fun!
  • Oops, with all the changes, did you miss the April 30 date to file your census form? You’re in luck – check out the new deadline and next steps in our update on Census 2020.
  • And of course, we have a new suffragist you need to meet – this month it’s a dynamic Latina from SoCal with the marvelous name of Maria Guadalupe Evangeline de Lopéz de Lowther and a life to match!

Finally, if you’ve been feeling the lack of a monthly meeting, we have this good news from Diane Bianchi, our LWVDV Public Programs Co-Chair:  

Yes, There Will Be Meetings!

The League's Public Programs is collaborating with the Contra Costa County Library to host virtual meetings in order to continue our education outreach to the community on issues identified as priorities by the League. Stay tuned for updates on programs we are developing as we employ 21st century outreach.

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