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SB 212, rank choice voting, local elections, California, Governor Newsom

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Open up options for voting methods promoting majority-winners

Take Action on gun violence

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We cannot wait for the next mass shooting--we must act today.

advocacy, grassroots, california, League of women voters, SB72, SB139, Ab 849

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Help us secure these three signatures and pass these bills!

photo of gun

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The U.S. Senate is coming back to work today, and we need your help to let them know their first order of business should be prioritizing the lives of the American people.

people maps act action alert, sb 139, California, gerrymandering, redistricting, political power, LWV

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End abuse of political minorities voting power:

fair maps, redistricting, California, LWV, gerrymandering, AB 849

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Fair Rules = Fair Maps. Take action now:

easy voter guide, voting, elections, california. primary, nonpartisan

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Act now and help us get the job done!

Yes on SB54, Yes on AB 1080, stop plastic waste, climate change, microplastics

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Demand your Legislator vote YES on SB 54 & AB 1080

Free the vote action alert - Tell the Assembly Yes on ACA6, voting rights, CAlifornia, elections, representation

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Restore voting rights for 50,000 Californians

Restore the VRA, voting rights, CAlifornia, League of women voters

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Contact your Representatives today and tell them that our democracy needs a fully restored Voting Rights Act.