We support a role for Commissions that emphasizes maximum public participation in the decision making process of government.
Position In Brief: 


A. Commissions should maintain their independence from political pressures and yet be accountable to the elected representatives of the people, especially on issues that affect the quality of life.

B. An adequate staff should be a resource, offering (well in advance) all materials, options and possible recommendations to the commission; but the final decision or recommendations should be made by the commissioners.

C. Adequate orientation should be presented to new commission members.

D. Commissions should represent a cross section of the population with some allowance for necessary expertise.

E. Commissions must observe the intent of the Brown Act, which is “that their actions be taken openly and that their deliberations be conducted openly”.

F. The city should make every effort to inform the public of their right to know under the Brown Act.

G. Meetings should be well publicized in advance and be held at times and places convenient to the public.

H. Commissions should have guidelines to encourage orderly input from citizens. 

Position History: 

Adopted  1977-78



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