We support an assured, stable, adequate and fiscally sound source of funding for the Long Beach Public Library. Following a local study, this position was adopted at the Annual Meeting of the LWV/LBA on May 21, 1997.
Position In Brief: 

In adopting the finding of the local study, the members of the LWV/LBA agreed to the following: 

Position History: 

Adopted 96-97, Re-Affirmed 2006


1. The need to restore adequate hours of service, including extended daytime, evening and weekend hours.

2. Support for the continued expansion of library resources in keeping with new ideas and technological advances.

3. The importance of meeting the needs of the diverse ethnic population of Long Beach.

4. The need to provide increased programs and services to children.

5. The need to provide adequate professional and nonprofessional paid staff.

6. To encourage private contributions and volunteer programs to augment library resources and services.

7. To assist in identifying a core community-wide leadership which will support these goals and form a Task Force to investigate alternative means of financing for specific levels of service.

8. To accept the responsibility to participate in community-wide education in the exploration of alternative methods of public financing for the Long Beach Public Library. 

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