The General Plan - Shoreline Element

The General Plan - Shoreline Element

We support a shoreline plan designed for the maximum enjoyment of people consistent with the optimum protection of social, economic and natural resources.
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A. Effective public participation with access to all relevant information and studies.

B. Conformance of zoning regulations to the General Plan and their strict enforcement.

C. Provisoin for public transportation and energy conservation as priority considerations in all downtown shoreline development.

D. Provision in the Downtown Redevelopment Plan for the public safety, shopping, housing and recreational needs of the present residents of the area.

E. Exlusion of high-rise construction on the south side of Ocean Blvd. east of Cherry Avenue

F. Exclusion of additional landfill. Shoreline development should be related to natural or educational purposes.

G. Maintenance of a balanced recreational use of Alamitos Bay based on comprehensive studies.

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