We support the timely use of private and public funds and facilities to provide food, shelter and rehabilitative services to the homeless of Long Beach. We also recognize that all levels of government must address the underlying causes of homelessness and the means of preventing it.
Position In Brief: 

To this end we advocate the following: 

Position History: 

Adopted 1989-90


1. The right of the homeless to adequate food and shelter without regard to their race, sex or religious beliefs.

2. Affordable housing for those capable of independent living and full utilization of available government assistance programs.

3. A well publicized information and referral resource, easily accessible to those in need of help.

4. An outreach program and care facility for mentally and physically handicapped persons.

5. Job and psychological counseling services to identify individual needs and promote self-sufficiency.

6. Regular communication among agencies providing services for the homeless.

7. A manual for the training and use of those working with the homeless.

8. An ongoing program for educating the citizens of Long Beach on the needs of the homeless. Particular attention should be paid to the basic causes of homelessness and measures to prevent and ameliorate it.

9. Recognition of the responsibility of city, county, state and federal governments, working cooperatively, for immediate and long term solutions to the problems of the homeless. 

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