Long Beach City Budget

Long Beach City Budget

We support a budget process which provides for formal, effective, representative citizen participation (input, review, evaluation) at every step of the entire budget process.
Position In Brief: 


A. promotion of citizen awareness of the importance of budget, decisions and the possibility for effective citizen participation in these vital decisions.

B. Promotion of citizens' understanding of the budget document and the budget process

C. Promotion of a channel for participation by neighborhood and other groups at initial planning stage and subsequent key decision making stages.

Position History: 



We support a fiscally sound budget which reflects the goals, priorities and programs of city government. The budget form should include sufficient detail and explanation, in simple, clear, concise language, to enable a citizen to participate effectively in the buget process.


A. Explanation of priorities and obligation of the city, to include a statement of:

1. Total revenues of the day

2. Legally required expenditures

3. Amount of discretionary money

4. A specific description by department of intergovernmental grants, which includes acronyms, funding sources, direct and indirect funds, and matching funds.

B.  Explanation of the programs of the city, which includes, by department, a statement of:

1. Programs

2. Detailed program objectives and adequate performance indicators.

3. Sources of funds

4. Summary of personnel by job title and salary range

5. Expenditures - Actual for past year(s), current and future budgeted amount(s).

C. A citizen's guide to the budget (explanation of the budget document)

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