We support Police/Community Relations which protect and balance the rights and responsibilities of the police and of the community.
Position In Brief: 


Position History: 

Adopted 1987-88


A. Police Department policy should be set by a body composed of Police and citizens, the latter selected by a Grand Jury type process from a pool of candidates nominated by citizen groups, City Council members and individuals.

1.Orientation, staff support, and legal counsel should be furnished for the body.

2.Decisions of the body should be appealable to the City Council.

3.Groups and individuals should be encouraged to share with such body comments on police matters.

B. Citizen/Police education, communication and interaction should emphasize:

1. Face-to-face interaction between police and citizens by such means as school, Neighborhood Watch groups, seminars and forums.

2. Sensitivity training for police in regard to minorities and immigrants.

3. Widely disseminated information, using all communication media, about recruitment, complaint procedures, citizen rights and responsibilities in dealing with police, and police rights and responsibilities in dealing with citizens.

4. Recruitment of minorities.

5. Mandatory psychological screening of Police Academy candidates prior to admission.

6. Sufficient psychological service and counseling provided to meet stress related needs of police personnel.

C. The process for handling any complaints about police actions should provide for:

1. Easily accessible locations throughout the community for receiving complaints.

2. Acceptance and investigation of complaints by independent as well as nonuniformed police personnel.

3. Notice to both complainant and accused of the initiation and the results of every complaint, including any disciplinary action.

4. An optional lie detector test for both complainant and police. 

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