We want our city to be attractive, safe, and economically healthy with diversified urban amenities reflecting the desires of its residents and respecting the integrity of its unique assets. Redevelopment, when adopted as a means to this end, should consider personal and social needs as well as economic requirements and should be accountable to the citizens and/or their elected representatives.
Position In Brief: 

OBJECTIVES: We therefore, support the following principles in the application of redevelopment laws and/or procedures: 

A. Every redevelopment plan should be as detailed as possible with regard to objectives, plans for implementation, and costs; and should be subject to regular local and regional review.

B. Broad public input should be solicited early in the planning process and should continue through the life of each project.

C. The Redevelopment Agency should be accessible and responsible for keeping the public informed of its activities.

D. The Redevelopment Agency should be enlarged from the present membership of five.

E. An effective means of appeal from Redevelopment Agency decisions should be provided.

F. Redevelopment financing should provide equitable distribution of tax increment funds between the Redevelopment Agency and other taxing districts, with particular consideration of the impacts of inflation on the latter.

G. The total amount and length of indebtedness of each project should balance the debt with the benefit to the community.

H. All possible sources of funds for redevelopment should be explored, to reduce dependence on tax increment funding.

I. The definition of “blight” should prevent the inclusion of developments which would occur regardless of redevelopment activity.

J. Housing should be a priority consideration in every redevelopment project.

K. Every effort should be made to enable residents and small business to remain in or return the project area. Relocation should minimize hardship through adequate funding and counseling.

L. Alternatives to massive demolition and construction should be preservation and restoration. 

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