LA County Vote Centers

LA County Vote Centers


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Los Angeles County’s Vote Centers and the New Voter Experience

The New Voter Experience

  • New Technology  
  • Flexible and Expanded Voting Options
  • LA County Vote Centers

Vote Centers

  • A target of 1,000 conveniently located vote centers near your home, work, schools, etc.
  • Allows voters to cast ballots at any vote center in the County
  • Allows for voters to register and vote on the same day
  • May be located in a variety of facilities, including public buildings, workplaces, places of worship and shopping centers

Extended Voting Period

  • Vote centers will be open for up to 11 days, which include two weekends
  • Vote by Mail Drop Box locations will be available for 30 days
  • Vote centers will be open for a minimum of 8 hours per day
  • Mobile and Pop-up vote centers can also be set up if needed

 Ballot Marking Device (BMD)

  • Modern touchscreen
  • Not connected to the internet
  • Prints a paper ballot that can be verified by the voter before casting
  • Accessible features include: ability to adjust font size, tilt screen angle, color and contrast
  • Option to use the audio ballot interface with a keypad to listen and navigate through the contests
  • Option to read or listen to your ballot in 13 languages
  • Allows for a private and independent voting experience

Interactive Sample Ballot (ISB)

  • An option that voters can use at the vote center to help expedite the voting process
  • Allows a voter to mark their sample ballot on a mobile device or computer and generate a Poll Pass prior to arriving at a vote center
  • The voter scans the Poll Pass on the Ballot Marking Device to verify or make changes to their selections before casting their ballot

Electronic Pollbooks (ePollbooks)

  • Replaces the printed list of voters
  • Will be used by vote center staff to verify the registration eligibility of a voter in real time
  • Enables Conditional Voter Registration, which enables a voter to register and vote on the same day
  • ePollbooks will indicate if a voter has already voted anywhere in the County and will not allow voting at multiple locations

Improved Vote By Mail (VBM) Ballot

  • Newly redesigned full face ballot launched in November 2018
  • Larger font, clearer instructions
  • Vote by Mail drop boxes placed in convenient locations throughout the County, available for 29 days prior to Election Day
  • No postage necessary
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