Los Angeles League calls for Mobility & Open Space Access in LA during COVID-19

Los Angeles League calls for Mobility & Open Space Access in LA during COVID-19

Streets for All
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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Mobility and Open Space Access in Los Angeles during COVID-19

From the Streets for All website.

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the City of Los Angeles, disrupting lives, costing lives, and severely hampering our economy. Despite all the disruption, essential workers still need to get to and from their place of work, while maintaining 6’ of distance between each other. People also still need to get to and from critical doctor appointments, pick up prescription medication, and access groceries and food centers. Making active transportation safer can provide all Angelenos mobility alternatives, especially those without access to a vehicle. 


For the critical reasons of equity, mental health, safety, and the physical well-being of Angelenos, we ask the City of LA to authorize the pilot of an emergency people street network - using cones or other temporary infrastructure - to create additional sidewalk and open space for people to walk, run, scoot, and bike in, while maintaining 6’ of distancing. These space redistributions may follow existing models such as emergency protected lanes, hard “CicLAvia-esque” street closures, or local play streets. They may also advance the Mayor’s goals under L.A.’s Green New Deal to “Activate Streets” and “Prioritize Land Use and the Right-of-Way” in Executive Directive 25.


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