Child Care

Child Care

Support for a publicly subsidized child care program available to parents at all income levels with fees on a sliding scale.
Position In Brief: 

The rearing of children is a social as well as a parental responsibility. Publicly subsidized child care programs are an essential support system for both parents and children.

  1. Support for programs that provide a nurturing, caring environment that promotes the emotional, social, physical and intellectual well-being of children, that are available for children in all age groups, and that are designed to meet their different needs.
  2. Support for programs that are affordable, accessible, of high quality and available to parents at all income levels who choose to use them, with fees charged on a sliding scale.
  3. Support of salaries that reflect the level of skill and training for teachers and those who participate in the care of children.
  4. Support for efforts of the city government to increase the availability of child care and to enhance the quality of child care in the following ways:
    • Promoting the involvement of developers and corporations in expanding the supply of child care facilities;
    • Lobbying the State Legislature for increased funding for child care;
    • Supporting legislation and regulations that are in the best interests of children;
    • Introducing the application of zoning ordinances when this is in the best interest of children, and
    • Supplying child care for City employees.
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2004-2005 Positions (1986)

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