Community College District

Community College District

Support of the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) in its role as an essential part of public education in meeting the needs of the Los Angeles community.
Position In Brief: 

The League supports the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) role as an essential part of public education in meeting the needs of the Los Angeles community.

1. Finance

Support of adequate financing with student fees kept low. The District should seek creative ways to acquire additional revenues from the private sector, business and industry to meet both the needs of LACCD and those of needy students.

Bonds are acceptable to finance capital improvements. Support the 55% vote for approval of local school bonds.

More scholarships, internships and work-study opportunities should be sought within the private sector.

Non-credit classes should pay for themselves through fees or grants.

2. Governance

Election-at-large of the Board of Trustees is preferable to regional or smaller District elections.

Candidates for the Board of Trustees must meet the qualifications specified by the Education Code.

3. Academics, Counseling and Achievement

Courses to meet the needs of the job market should be available and relevant.

Support of the community college system mission to, “provide instruction in basic academic skills.”

Increased availability of computers and all types of information technology throughout the campuses is desirable.

Counselors at the high schools need to be kept informed of career courses available. They should also be made aware of the advantages of community college education.

Counselors at the community college should prepare students to take courses appropriate to their educational goals.

There should be disincentives in LACCD policy for “dropping classes”.

Additional classes and programs should be added when waiting lists of students needing those classes exist.

4. Community Involvement

The public should be welcomed at open meetings; a community advisory council should be set up to work with the public.

Alumni groups should be encouraged; they can publicize successes and raise funds.

Cooperation with business and industry to develop relevant programs and course work is necessary; should constantly be sought and encouraged.

Publication of human-interest stories and successes within the LACCD will project a positive image and should be encouraged.

Senior citizens are a viable enrollment resource and should be made to feel welcome.

Low-income groups should be taken into consideration when planning course work.

The marketing and public relations of LACCD should be enhanced; this outreach can transform negative images and stress the positive. It can also better communicate to the public what LACCD does best.

Position History: 

2007-2009 Positions (1997, 2007) Revised 6/16/07

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