Support of the City having a responsibility to provide shelter for the homeless people and to seek long-term solutions to their problems by cooperating with other levels of government and the private sector.
Position In Brief: 

1. Support for the City of Los Angeles’ responsibility to provide shelter for homeless persons who cannot be accommodated by private shelters, especially in cold or wet weather.

2. Support efforts of the City Government to:

  • Insure that structures for homeless persons will not interfere with access to, or unduly impact, business enterprises, seek long-term solutions to the problems of homeless persons by taking a leadership role and cooperating with all levels of government and private agencies to reduce homelessness in Los Angeles;
  • Reach homeless women and children in all communities to advise them of available services for them; and
  • Place all available trailer units and pre-fab housing in every Council District
Position History: 

2004-2005 Positions (1986-1987)

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Homeless Action
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