Support of effective city planning and a land-use policy protecting the quality of life for everyone.
Position In Brief: 
  1. Support of effective City planning.

    A comprehensive General Plan should be developed and implemented to result in:
    • Citizen participation in the development of the goals of planning;
    • Revision, updating and completion of the Plan;
    • Cooperation among the Planning Department, other City Departments and other governmental jurisdictions;
    • Stringent subdivision controls and strict zoning regulations;
    • Aesthetic controls which enhance the visual aspect of the City and strict zoning regulations.

  2. Support of measures to encourage citizen participation in community planning.

    Citizen Advisory Committees should be required by ordinance. CAC’s should be appointed at the beginning of the planning process. The CAC should be broadly representative of the community at large and the names of those selected should be publicized.

    Community plans and public meetings on community plans should be given wide publicity, using such possible avenues as radio, television, newspapers and neighborhood postings. At every stage of the planning process, ideas, information and concerns should be sought from the entire community.

  3. Support for conflict of interest legislation in planning and zoning, including disclosure of real estate holdings of those involved in planning and zoning decisions, and registration of paid lobbyists.

  4. Support of a land-use policy for the City of Los Angeles which protects the quality of life for everyone.

    Low-density residential neighborhoods should be preserved. Selective zoning rollbacks should occur where necessary to protect such neighborhoods from undesirable growth. Rehabilitation of older neighborhoods should be encouraged through tax and other incentives.

    Growth in all areas should be permitted only when adequate transportation, schools, sewers and other infrastructure are in place or provided simultaneously.

  5. Support of strict controls on outdoor advertising. (BILLBOARDS, 1972)

    Billboard-free districts should be created.

    Strict controls on height, size, location, landscaping, movement and lighting should be placed on any signs which are permitted.
Position History: 

2004-2005 Positions (1961, 1967, 1972, 1979, 1989)

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