Support of transportation policies and practices that facilitate: coordination among transportation agencies to assure efficient intra-county movement; public/private partnership to provide DASH-type and/or shuttle systems within city neighborhoods; placement of transit stops in safe, well-lighted locations.
Position In Brief: 

Support transportation policies and practices that facilitate the following:

1. Intra-County Movement

  • Coordination among transportation agencies to assure an efficient transportation system in the greater Los Angeles area. Such coordination should include paratransit-type transportation, similar to the DASH system in Los Angeles, between residential neighborhoods and shopping centers and other attractants that are located in cities that are near or adjacent to Los Angeles.
  • Coordination of intra-County taxi service by cities and/or Los Angeles County. This coordination should facilitate intercity travel by taxi within the County. Franchising requirements should focus on safety and insurance requirements while easing restrictions on passenger movement.

2. Local Participation

  • Public/private partnerships to provide for more DASH-type systems and/or shuttles within City of Los Angeles neighborhoods which are currently underserved. Private partners could include shopping malls and medical complexes.
  • Neighborhood Councils reviewing local transit needs and working on realistic plans to improve local transportation.

3. Safety and Communication

  • Locating public transit stops in safe places with adequate lighting, an ambiance of safety, and adequate security in transit stop/hub parking areas. Transit stops should be kept clean by frequent maintenance. Benches and shelters to protect waiting passengers from the rain and the hot southern California sun should be provided.
  • Transit agencies making information about transit more widely available at locations like libraries, grocery stores, post offices, senior centers, recreation areas and schools. Large full-MTA system maps should be available at these locations and available upon request from the public. Ads about the transit system should be aired regularly on radio and TV. Information should also be available in phone books. An easy-access phone number (800 number) and Web address should also be prominently advertised, displayed on the sides of buses, shown in phone books and listed at bus stops. Bus stops should have bus route and schedule information listed. In locations where DASH or other transit is unavailable, LADOT should consider making discounted taxi scrip available.
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2004-2005 Positions (1984) (2001)

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