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Interest Groups

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Many lament the breakdown of civil public discourse in our society, but feel powerless to change the tenor of the debate. The League is in a unique position to go beyond our good example of modeling civil discourse. This interest group will examine options, investigate partnerships, and suggest actions to advocate for civility in our community, state and nation. Learn more about Civil Engagement


The chair of the group, Jane Dunmeyer gives you an update below on what is currently happening with this group. Check the calendar for dates and times.

The North County LWV Health Interest Committee worked for several months on a presentation and gave it to our members this spring. The topic: "The Road Map to Nursing Home Care and Assisted Living and How to Avoid the Potholes." 

We learned at least five new facts about nursing homes and assisted living and how to anticipate issues before they become problems. This includes those who choose to age in their own homes. This information is invaluable for those who are caretakers or who look after friends and relatives. It is a fascinating topic and many questions were asked.

Download the handouts. Note: This is a large file (1.1Mb) so be sure you have a good internet connection. Thanks to Pat Cooney for putting this together.

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The epidemic of gun violence these days is frightening. What can individuals do about it? The student survivors of the Parkland school massacre have asked each of us to be involved in ending gun violence and brought renewed pressure on our legislators to pass gun laws to help end the senseless shootings of children and adults.
As a group, we educate ourselves about the causes of and solutions to gun violence. We meet regularly to  discuss current issues in the news and to take action. Recent meetings investigated: 3D Printed Guns, The Del Mar Gun Show and The NRA’s Push to Recruit Women and Families. We use the League’s national policy on this issue as a stepping off point for us to help end this life and death problem that is invading all of our lives.
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Our Book Group is meeting online until it's safe to meet in person. The Zoom meeting is usually held on the third Monday of the month at 1:00pm. Leave a message on the League phone if you want more information.

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