Vote with the League! November 2018

Vote with the League! November 2018

Ballot Measure Recommendations

The League does not support candidates, but will make recommendations (or remain neutral) on ballot measures.  

Join us for Hot Topics:  Vote with the League! on October 4th at 6:30pm to learn about the LWVO's ballot measure recommendations!  Check out our Calendar for details!


See the California League's State Ballot Measure Recommendations here.

See the Regional and Oakland recommendations below in a PDF to print!


  • Measure FF:  Regional Parks Protection and Improvement.  SUPPORT

Measure FF extends for 20 years the current $12 a year parcel tax on residential properties in Alameda, Oakland,  Piedmont, Albany, Richmond, San Pablo, El Sobrante, Kensington, Berkeley, Emeryville, and El Cerrito. Proceeds of the tax, about $3.3 million annually, go to the East Bay Regional Park District for the protection and improvement of district parklands within these communities. Particular emphasis is one protection against wildfires. The measure includes a list of parks and programs for the use of funds.  (Parcel Tax - 2/3 Approval Required)  LWV Bay Area also SUPPORTS this measure.

  • Measure E:  Peralta Colleges Parcel Tax Extension.   NO POSITION

As there was no consensus among the four Leagues within the boundaries of the Peralta Community College District, LWVO makes no recommendation on this measure.

  • Measure G:   Peralta Colleges Bond Measure.   SUPPORT

$800 million bond over 40 years to upgrade and repair sites, facilities, and equipment in the Peralta Community College District.  (Bond measure – 2/3 Approval Required) 



  • Measure AA:  Oakland Children's Initiative.  NEUTRAL

Measure AA enacts a parcel tax of $198 a year on single family residential properties, with other tax amounts for multi-family and commercial properties. Low income households and low income seniors may apply for exemptions from the tax, and affordable housing projects may have their taxes reduced by 50%. The tax will last for 30 years and can be increased annually by the cost of living.  Proceeds from the tax may only be used for purposes of this measure, and will apportioned 62% to the Oakland Early Education Fund, 31% to the Oakland Promise Fund, and 7% to the Oakland Children’s Initiative Oversight, Accountability, and Evaluation Fund. Moneys will be used to expand and improve child care and early education programs, and to improve high school and college graduation rates and career readiness.  An Accountability Officer and the Children’s Initiative Oversight Commission, both created by Measure AA, will perform program reviews and performance audits and renew program principles for the Funds.  LWVO supports increased funding for education and the expansion of quality early education.  However, we found it unclear how moneys in the Oakland Promise Fund would be spent.   (Parcel Tax, Charter Amendment - 2/3 Approval Required)

  • Measure V:  Taxation of Cannabis.  SUPPORT

Measure V changes how Oakland taxes cannabis businesses to make establishing and maintaining the businesses easier, and to allow the City Council to reduce the taxes on medical and non-medical cannabis.

  • Measure W:  Special Parcel Tax on Vacant Properties.  SUPPORT

Measure W enacts a special parcel tax on vacant and unused properties, which are defined as unused 50 or more days a year. There are provisions for exemptions from the tax for provable hardships and circumstances, and for non-profit entities. Money from the tax will fund services and programs for homeless people, affordable housing, and illegal dumping abatement. A new Commission on Homelessness will provide oversight of the use of funds and make recommendations for funding priorities.  The League believes that the tax will encourage owners to improve their properties, in many cases making them available to people seeking homes. It will also help clean up and maintain neighborhoods free from blight caused by vacant and abandoned properties and by illegal dumping.  (Parcel Tax - 2/3 Approval Required)

  • Measure X:  Graduated Transfer Tax.  SUPPORT

Measure X replaces the current real estate transfer tax of 1.5% for all properties bought and sold in Oakland with a graduated tax based on a property’s selling price. Properties of $300,000 or less will be taxed at 1%, those between $300,000 and $2 million at the existing 1.5%, those between $2 and 5 million at 1.75%, and over $5 million at 2.5%. The tax would be discounted by .5% for low and moderate income home buyers. The tax is expected to raise about $9 million a year for the City’s general fund.  The League agrees that the graduated tax is more fair, and recognizes that the City needs funds to for vital services.

  • Measure Y:  Just Cause for Eviction.  NO POSITION

Because League positions do not cover the issues in Measure Y, LWVO is taking no stand on this measure.

  • Measure Z:  Hotel Workers Wages and Conditions.  NO POSITION

Because League positions do not cover the issues in Measure Z, LWVO is taking no stand on this measure.