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LWVOC Products

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LWV Orange Coast Products

Vote Earrings, Necklace and PinLWV Vote Jewelry & T-Shirt - Start a conversation, Encourage Voting

The products included here have been designed by our members and are being sold to raise funds for our Voter Education projects. The t-shirts were going to be introduced at the National LWV Convention in June but you can get them now through our ETSY site. The jewelry and buttons are made by members of our league and are sold at many league events. Buy them on Etsy or email us directly at lwvorangecoast [at] gmail.com for quantity prices.

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Free Download by Judy

Photo of the First LWV Board of Directors

Judy also has prepared a free download for you.  It is the stories of the women on the first LWV Board.  

After a lot of time spent on google we managed to identify by full name all of the women in the photo. - Judy Standerford

If you print page 1 on the front of a page and Page 2 on the back, you will have two pamphlets.  Print as many as you like and share them with others.

  Page 1 <--Print of front of page    Page 2  <--Print on back of same page


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