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Blog Post

We've Got a Plan!

Blog Post Date - July 8, 2020

National Program:

Three Ways to Complete the Census

Orange County's Complete Count Census Committee Needs League Volunteers!

Photo of President Newman

The work of the League demands our time, sometimes our courage, and certainly our minds and hearts. 

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First Eight Commissioners Selected - California Redistricting Committee

July 2, 2020

The California League of Women Voters was instrumental in getting a Redistricting Committee comprised by ordinary citizens, not politicians.

UN Women Turns Ten

UN Women Celebrate 10th Anniversary

by: Kathleen Mongomery

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Racial Justice Act, AB2542, racism, California, criminal justice reform
Public Statement

The California Racial Justice Act will prohibit the use of race, ethnicity or national origin to seek or obtain convictions or sentences

prop 25, bail money, criminal justice, jail, end bail money

VOTE YES on Proposition 25 and end money bail!

political parties, regsiter to vote, elections, california, non party preference

When you register to vote you can join a political party or choose No Party Preference

Free the vote, voting rights, california, voting, formerly incarcerated, League of Women Voters, elections, cavotes
Public Statement

Stayed tuned to vote on this in November! Voting rights matter!