Civics in Action Award

Civics in Action Award


The LWVP is delighted to announce that senior (now graduate) Laura Bryan was recognized by the Civics Department at PHS with the LWV Civics In Action Award. 

While in high school, Laura was active with PADC (Piedmont Appreciating Diversity Committee) and distinguished herself as student who takes action.  When her peers in the Class of 2019 were asked who was the most politically engaged, Laura was the student everyone agreed on.  Her teachers echoed that endorsement and said that Laura was the student in class most interested in taking action when controversial political topics were discussed.

As an active member of Bay Area Students Activists (BASTA), Laura lobbied politicians in Sacramento on gun control and education issues.  BASTA was formed after the High School shooting in Parkland, FL, in order to support student activism. Laura not only engaged in BASTA activities she also encouraged her peers to get involved in BASTA as well as local political issues.  

Along with the award, Laura received $500 from our local chapter in recognition of her accomplishments in civic engagement.

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