JOIN the Suffragist Club!

JOIN the Suffragist Club!

League Suffragists

Your Suffragist Club dues provide additional financial support for the many activities our League offers to encourage active and informed voter participation in our democracy. You may send your donation of $100 or more to the LWVS Suffragist Club when you pay your annual membership dues. We honor Suffragist Club members with an invitation to special receptions, a listing in The Sacramento Voter and a listing on our web site.   The League of Women Voters of Sacramento County established its Suffragist Club in 1995.

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The Suffrigist Club celebrated with the Anne Rudin Scholarship winner, Clarissa Laguardia, at a reception on October 9, 2019.

Members of the 2018-19 Suffragist Club

Suzi Bakker

Louise Einspahr

Marilyn Mann

Maryly Reinertson

Hazel Bergtholdt

Nancy Findeisen

Mignon Marks

Anne Rudin

Anne Berner

Alice Ginosar

Jane Owen

Kimberly Smith

Claudia Bonsignore

Carol Moon Goldberg

Mary Palumbo

Roseanna Torretto

Roseanne Chamberlain

Margaret Herman

Patricia Pavone

Trisha Uhrhammer

Donna Chipps

Mahnaz Khazari

Carolyn Peth

Lois Wright

Terri Colosimo

Nancy Lapp

Suzanne Phinney

Susan Young

Nancy Compton

Bernadette Lynch

Juli Raju

Fifi Zeff