LWV of Sacramento County Continues Its Partnership with FoCE

LWV of Sacramento County Continues Its Partnership with FoCE

The League of Women Voters is proud of our continued partnership with the Future of California Elections. FoCE, formed in 2011, is a collaboration between election officials, civil rights organizations and election reform advocates who aim to examine and address the challenges facing California's election system.

FoCE is committed to supporting the modernization of California elections to ensure the participation and engagement of voters. 


  • Improve Californians' access to voter registration
  • Improve Californians' voting experience
  • Improve Californians' election administration system


  • Assisting with online voter registration 
  • Cultivating support for election reforms among the public 
  • Educating young voters on civic engagement and encourage their commitment to civic participation 
  • Researching ways California can modernize its voting technology to increase voting participation 
  • Developing effective elections policy and practical regulations that reflect voters needs