LWV People Powered Fair Maps

LWV People Powered Fair Maps

People Powered Fair Maps


 We conclude that partisan gerrymandering claims present political questions beyond the reach of the federal courts,

the chief justice wrote in the 5-4 majority decision the Rucho case. The case addressed challenges to partisan gerrymandering in Maryland and North Carolina.

When LWVUS leadership heard the Supreme Court decision, they agreed on the need for LEAGUE ACTION. Their concern led to a commitment of $500,000 for the first year of a 50-state plus DC project dubbed People Powered Fair Maps™ (PPFM). Our national staff is seeking grants and donations to support a multi-million-dollar project for the multi-year project. The goal is to set the stage for a sweeping state-by-state redistricting effort that will begin in 2021 following conclusion of the 2020 Census. 

The project was kicked off with a “convening” of representatives from state Leagues near Dulles Airport in October. Advocacy Chair Sandy Spence was appointed to attend for LWVDE. She became so enthused about the project that she convinced Linda Barnett to take on her role as Advocacy Chair. Sandy will chair a new portfolio of the Advocacy Corps to address LWVDE’s role in the Census and Redistricting.

She has already announced the program at the Sussex semi-annual meeting and will meet in Kent and New Castle soon to recruit a statewide committee. An initial group will work with her on a plan for LWVDE’s work in helping ensure a complete count in Delaware’s Census in 2020. (See separate article on the Census.)

That work will set the base for intensive work on planning and implementation of redistricting our state legislature. Developing maps for revised districts based on the new Census data will start after the Census Bureau releases data to the state on March 31, 2021.

This is an exciting opportunity for League members to learn and act to help ensure a complete Census count and to develop “people powered fair maps” for Senate and Representative districts in Delaware,

Spence says with great enthusiasm.

We need all kinds of skills from statistical analysts, survey developers, public speakers, and Excel record keepers, traditional and social media whizzes, trainers, and those who enjoy writing letters to the editors, testimony, or any other interests you can bring to our work.

To volunteer, just email sandyspence325 [at] gmail.com. Please put PPFM in the subject line.

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