Postponed due to coronavirus - Money in Politics

Postponed due to coronavirus - Money in Politics

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The Green Turtle Bar & Grill
391 N DuPont Highway
Dover Delaware 19901
Delaware US
Wednesday, April 15, 2020 - 12:00pm
According to the National League of Women Voters 

Reducing the influence of big money in our politics makes our elections fairer. Voters have the right to know who is raising money for which political candidates, how much money they are raising and how that money is being spent. Our elections should be free from corruption and undue influence and should work so that everyday Americans can run for office, even if they aren't well connected to wealthy special interests. 

With this in mind. Chris Asay, one of our new members, will be presenting Money in Politics on April 15, 2020 on this very important topic (time is also pr. Below is a preliminary outline of his talk. Put this important date on your calendar (along with the tax deadline!)
    1. Introduction
      A. Purpose of Talk: Stimulate Action
            - Individual
            - LWV-KC and LWV-DE
            - LWV-US Position
      B. Timing for talk
      C. Video (8 min)
    2.  Money in Politics and Why You Should Take Action
    3.  LWV-US history on Money in Politics, and What is Missing
    4. ** Amendment Needed **
    5. Also needed: Independent Media and Science
    6. Also needed: Money out of Selection of Judiciary
    7. Dark Money helps accomplish the above without accountability 
    8. What you can do
      1. Take action often
      2. Join one or more groups
      3. Press LWV-US