Voter registration in Sussex County with help from new website

Voter registration in Sussex County with help from new website

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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

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October 23, 2018
by Taylor Lumpkin

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"Every vote counts and every vote matters and if you don’t get out and vote, then what can you say ,” said Pat Makos who is on the voter service committee for the Delaware League of Women Voters of Sussex County.

Although turnouts for midterm elections are usually lower than the general election, those at the Delaware League of Women Voters of Sussex County are trying to buck that trend in 2018.

“We’ve throughout the summer started before the primary to get people registered to vote,” said Makos.

Tuesday night in Lewes, the league held it’s third of four candidate forums in the county.  This one featuring State Senate District 6 incumbent republican Senator Ernie Lopez, and his challenger democrat Dave Baker. As well as House District 14 incumbent democrat Peter Scwhartzkopf and his challenger, republican James DeMartino.

“It’s important for the voting public to meet with their candidate and to see them not just on a bulletin board or a flyer or on their door but to really hear this viewpoints on important issues that apply to our people in our communities,” Makos.

The league says they’ve already seen an increase in registering and believe forums, like Tuesday nights, have helped with that. But even more so, the difference may be their 411 website that they are pushing now more than ever.

“People can go and plug in their address find out exactly where their polling place is and make sure they are registered,” said Makos.

On top of that, the website allows people to build a sample ballot to take on election day, and compare candidates.

“We really have seen an increase, this the first time that we did the vote 411 we’ve been out marketing it, in the past we had this great website but we didn’t think about marketing it,” said Makos.

And although the website has been successful, the league isn’t looking for recognition. All they hope for is that people get out and vote.

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