We're the WE in "We the People"

We're the WE in "We the People"

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The League of Women Voters of Delaware proudly presents a series of civics videos now posted on YouTube, entitled, We’re the WE in "We the People"

It is described as a crash course on government for those who have never had a civics course and a brush-up course for those who have but need to be reminded why it matters. 

It is composed of 2 groups of videos with 7 segments on the Federal Constitution and 3 on the Delaware Constitution.

The video series was sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Delaware and was funded in part by Delaware Humanities.  It features guest lecturer, Dr. Cynthia Newton, Associate Professor from Wesley College.  Carol D. Jones of the LWVDE is the Executive Producer.  Janet Orlando and Martha Rothenberg of the LWVSCDE served as technical advisors.

The State Board produced this series and would like to give kudos to Martha Rothenberg for her invaluable help in setting it up on YouTube.  We hope you view at least some of the segments and we want to hear what you think about them.  Please send feedback to:  sundiallee@aol.com


The series is available here from YouTube.  

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