Consensus on Local Housing Resources

Consensus on Local Housing Resources

The League of Women Voters of Louisville and Jefferson County believes that decent, suitable, desirable, and affordable housing should be available for all in our community without discrimination as to economic status, race, color, creed, ethnic origin, familial status, sex, age, or physical or mental handicap. 
Position History: 

Adopted 1991 and Re-affirmed November 2009, Revised June 2010 

Therefore, the League supports constructive governmental measures to guarantee freedom of choice for all in the rental or purchase of housing, private or public. Although the local Housing Codes represent the minimum standards only as to what is safe, standard, and sanitary housing, but not necessarily decent and desirable, the League believes that the local Housing Codes must be enforced. However, the League urges that those portions of the relevant Housing, Zoning, and Building Codes that act as impediments to housing rehabilitation and/or in-fill opportunities be modified or administratively waived, on a case-by-case basis. Also, the Louisville/Jefferson County Metro Government should have adequate Housing and Building Codes.

The League of Women Voters of Louisville and Jefferson County believes that the households displaced by community development must be protected by safeguards, including open meetings and adequate communications with those affected. These should not only be outlined in written regulations, but also enforced in spirit as well as deed.

Recognizing that every person not only has a legal right but also a human right to live in a decent, affordable home and a suitable living environment, and;

Recognizing the diminishing role of the Federal Government in supplying funds, subsidies, and incentives for the creation of an adequate supply of affordable housing, and;

Recognizing the rise of the number of homeless, including the increase in families with children due to the above problems as well as economic and social problems, and;

Recognizing the need to provide people with increased job skills and education levels;

The League of Women Voters of Louisville and Jefferson County supports both governmental and private initiatives which will increase the development of permanent, affordable housing for both renters and homeowners and which will provide support programs in the areas of health, social services, education, and employment necessary to encourage individuals to move toward self-sufficiency.

Secure equal rights and equal opportunity for all. Promote social and economic justice, and the health and safety of all Americans.
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