Social Policy

Social Policy

Secure equal rights and equal opportunity for all. Promote social and economic justice and the health and safety of all Americans.

Event Date: 
Feb 4 2020 - 6:30pm
Event location: 

Santori Library

Our new book The Woman’s Hour - The Great Fight To Win The Vote by Elaine Weiss promises to be a good read. The discussion takes place on Tuesday, February 4th at the Santori Library in Aurora.  All are welcome to join.

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We are gathering signatures for the Schools and Communities First ballot initiative! Your help is definitely needed! Join us!


Members and attendees were very enthusiastic about the Wheaton League’s October Civic Series program, “The Fair Tax, Funding Education and Pensions“.

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The U.S. Senate is coming back to work today, and we need your help to let them know their first order of business should be prioritizing the lives of the American people.

ERA Ratified by 37 States
Event Date: 
Sep 9 2019 - 7:00pm
Event location: 

Marietta Fire Museum

Equal Rights Amendment - Will It Pass This Time?

Women Picket the White House in 1917


This page is dedicated to celebrations and events during 2019-20 tied to the 100th Anniversary of women getting the right to vote.  Links and resources are for everyone to use.



The League of Women Voters of Louisville and Jefferson County believes that decent, suitable, desirable, and affordable housing should be available for all in our community without discrimination as to economic status, race, color, creed, ethnic origin, familial status, sex, age, or physical or mental handicap. 
Wisconsin Capitol July

Action Alerts


Action Alerts

Medicaid Expansion is on the chopping block as the legislature’s Joint Finance Committee begins meeting in executive session on the Governor’s proposed biennial budget.

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Press Mention

Did you catch our editorial in the New York Times concerning charter schools?