Social Policy

Social Policy

Secure equal rights and equal opportunity for all. Promote social and economic justice and the health and safety of all Americans.


The League of Women Voters of Idaho supports a basic level of quality health care at an affordable cost available to all residents and a reasonable total expenditure level for health care.

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Harvard case study March 10 2020
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Mar 19 2020 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm
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Washtenaw Intermediate School District

A new approach to teaching civics


The League of Women Voters of Idaho supports management of Idaho’s endowment lands to provide maximum revenue consistent with good land management policies and practices, protection of the environment and preservation of future values; supports a statutorily-created Land Board.


The League of Women Voters of Idaho supports public oversight through elected officials and officers in the formation, governance, and operation of charter schools.


The Harvard Civics Project is an initiative formed (1) to bring case method teaching to high schools, and (2) to use this methodology to deepen students' understanding of American democracy.
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The Healthy California for All Commission held its first meeting on January 27 in Sacramento. The charge of the commission is to provide the Governor and Legislature with options and recommendations to advance progress toward achieving a health care delivery system that provides coverage and access to all Californians through a unified financing system, including, but not limited to, a single-payer financing system.


The League of Women Voters of the Copper Country believes that some form of education, provided by public schools or other state-approved institutions, should be mandatory for all children. The primary role of the public school should be to enable students to master the basic skills as well as the physical and social sciences, to teach the fine arts, to foster critical and creative thinking, to promote good health and physical fitness, and to provide foreign languages and vocational education for those who desire them. The League believes it is possible to measure whether a quality education is being provided and whether schools are accomplishing their goals. Parents, teachers, and the community should work as a team to help children learn, encouraging higher standards of achievement. The League supports adequate financing to provide maximum educational opportunities for all children in the tax-supported schools of Houghton County. Support for each millage or bonding proposal will be evaluated by applying listed criteria. The League supports the concepts of consolidation, annexation, and cooperative programming. The League also supports creative research for methods to maintain, finance, and improve existing small schools. The League recommends that school board members receive training and that employees of a school district not serve on its board.