Social Policy: Human Trafficking

Social Policy: Human Trafficking

Support legislation to stop human forced labor and sex trafficking.
Position In Brief: 

Support legislation to stop human forced labor and sex trafficking. Adult and child victims should be provided with services as needed. Aggressive enforcement of laws should include cooperation among agencies, strategies to reduce demand, training, and necessary funding.

Human Trafficking

(adopted 2012)

League of Women Voters Ohio believes that:

  1. Human forced labor and sex trafficking should be stopped through legislation and changes in public policy.
  2. Victims of human trafficking should be provided with services on an as-needed basis to facilitate integration into the community, including but not limited to counseling, drug and alcohol treatment, safe housing, physical and mental health care, legal representation, job training, ESL/GED/education and employment assistance.
  3. Minors who have been commercially sexually exploited or forced into slave labor should be legally considered as victims and given special physical and mental health care.
  4. Cooperation and collaboration among state and local agencies is necessary to enforce prohibitions and prosecute traffickers and other offenders (consumers).
  5. There should be aggressive enforcement of laws dealing with traffickers and offenders (consumers).
  6. Strategies to reduce the demand for commercial sex and forced labor trafficking should be employed by law enforcement agencies and the courts (an example would be court-ordered attendance at “john schools”).
  7. Training and education of the public, law enforcement, and service providers should be widely available.
  8. Funding (state and local) should be provided as necessary to treat victims, prosecute traffickers and consumers, and enhance awareness of the issue through training.
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