LWV Norman Joining the Oklahoma League Health Care Study! Join Us!

LWV Norman Joining the Oklahoma League Health Care Study! Join Us!


Healthcare Study 2019-2021

The LWVNorman is joining in the 2019-2021 Oklahoma Healthcare study. We need our own Oklahoma positions for strong advocacy on healthcare issues

Read the information and request below as we get started on this new study.  If you have ideas or interest in research and/or writing please contact Karen Cardenas (kjhcardenas [at] att.net)

This is a very large topic that needs the League's focus!
At its March 2019 meeting, the League of Women Voters of Oklahoma Board of Trustees chose health care as the topic to be studied during the 2019-2021 biennium.
The LWVOK currently does not have a position on health care, using the LWVUS position instead. For the study we will begin by looking at the LWVUS position on health care in the latest issue of Impact on Issues, the LWVUS policy positions publication as a starting point (PDF available here). Please have a look at page 78. We will be seeking suggestions and resources from the leading health care agencies in Oklahoma as well.
The GOAL is to produce a uniquely Oklahoma position on health care that can serve as a basis for advocacy now and for years to come.
How can you help? By:
            Identifying people and agencies to contact
            Contributing to a list of subtopics to study
            Volunteering to be a researcher/writer for our study materials
Include this information in an email to Karen Cardenas, the LWVOK Program Coordinator,  kjhcardenas [at] att.net, to help us get started with the Health Care Study!
Agencies/Individuals to contact:

Subtopics to study:

Do you have an interest in research or writing?



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