Honor 100 Years of League with a Day of Action!

Honor 100 Years of League with a Day of Action!

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The League of Women Voters turns 100 years old today! 

"The League of Women Voters was born from the suffrage movement on Feb 14th, 1920.  We celebrate 100 years of empowering voters.  The League  is calling for a "Women Power the Vote Day of Action!" Join us in honoring women heroines who fought to empower voters for the past 100 years." Grace Chimene president, of LWV Texas.

Three ways you can take action today to become a modern day voting rights heroine! 

  1. Be a Texas Voter in the March 3 Primary and talk about voting with your friends and family!
  2. Share the League's nonpartisan Voters Guide VOTE411.org.
  3. Join the League of Women Voters! 

The League was born from the suffrage movement to help American women exercise their new right to vote.

We celebrate this great accomplishment, but at the same time, we acknowledge
that the 19th Amendment did not break down voting barriers for all women. Many Americans
still don’t have their voices heard in choosing our representatives. Politicians have
robbed voters of their power by manipulating access to the polls and gerrymandering
districts at all levels of government.

Women have played a fundamental role in shaping an inclusive and active electorate.
Women have powered -- and continue to power -- the vote. On this 100th birthday of the
League of Women Voters, we remember that we were born from the suffrage movement
and are centering our Day of Action around the theme: Women Power the Vote.

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