November 2019 Action News!

November 2019 Action News!

100 years strong LWV celebration
Do you know what day Tuesday, Nov. 5th is? ELECTION DAY!
Texas needs voters! You can help in three easy steps! We can do this Texas!grace chimene voting
One! Be a Texas voter! You decide which proposed Constitutional Amendments become part of the Texas Constitution. The League of Women Voters  of Texas explains each amendment and provides pros & cons and a short video for each proposed amendment.  
Two! Voters are more likely to vote if they know what is on the ballot! You can help Texas voters by sharing the League’s nonpartisan Voters Guide at . Encourage voters to download a sample ballot from their county election website.
  • Sample Social Media Post: It is easy to vote when you know what is on your ballot! Vote on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 5! We can do this Texas! #LWV #vote #democracy or  
  • Sample Social Media Post: I voted! It was easy to vote with the League's nonpartisan Voters Guide at This is your only opportunity to impact the Texas Constitution! 
Three! You can help increase voter turnout in Texas by asking five of your friends and family to vote and post about it! Research shows that gentle peer pressure is one way to increase voting! Post photos of yourself with your voting sticker! We are creating a culture of voting!
Happy voting!
Grace Chimene
100 years strong LWV celebration
Welcomed with a proclamation from the City of San Antonio, over 200 League members and friends gathered at the St. Anthony Hotel in San Antonio to celebrate 100 Years Strong! - the 100th anniversary of the founding of the League of Women Voters of Texas.
Both speakers told heart tugging stories of the work of the women and men in the suffrage movements in Texas. Trish Nicholson shared personal stories of her great, great aunt, Minnie Fisher Cunningham, as well as details of "Minnie Fish's" life long commitment to suffrage and equality in Texas. Jessica Brannon-Wranosky, gave us the "rest of the story," of the struggle for voting rights for all in Texas. LWVTX President Grace Chimene celebrated the work of current League members and concluded with the work that is still ahead to empower voters and defend democracy.
A number of of League members dressed in suffrage era outfits to celebrate the occasion. All felt the weight of history walking in the footsteps of our suffragist foremothers at the St. Anthony Hotel, 100 years to the day they founded the League of Women Voters of Texas.
A grand time was had by all!
Special thanks to 100 Year Strong Committee Chair and immediate past LWVTX President Elaine Wiant, and LWVTX Board & Committee Members Carol Olewin and Dorothy Marchand.
Thanks also to LWVTX past presidents Diana Clark, Diane Sheridan, Evelyn Bonavita, Ruthann Geer, Julie Lowenberg, Carolie Mullan, Darlene Hicks, Karen Nicholson, Linda Krefting,as well as the families & friends of past LWVTX presidents Veta Winnick, Betty Price Anderson and Lois Carpenter for sharing their experiences to provide an unbroken history of the League for the last 50 years.
Fair maps texas
The League of Women Voters of Texas is a leader in the Fair Maps Texas Coalition.
We want to thank each and every one of you that came out and provided testimony at the House Committee's public input hearings in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston. We were so excited to see so many people speak up about their community!

LWV Wichita Falls in the News!Wichita Falls Local News

LWV Wichita Falls celebrates the Texas League's 100 Years Strong! in an interview with KFDX/KJTL television station. LWV Wichita Falls President Kaye Holland and League members, David Barbosa and Emerson Capps did an excellent job of explaining the history and the current challenges the League is addressing.
Babies Crawling Support Child Health Care

Support Children's Healthcare!

Action Needed On Children's Health Coverage
LWVTX Child Health Issue Chair, Celia Kaye reports that data from the 2018 Census update shows that Texas has the worst rate of health insurance coverage for children in the US. Our rate of 11.2% uninsured children compares with 5.5% uninsured for the country as a whole.  
  • Texas has reduced funding for outreach and consumer assistance to help Texans enroll in Medicaid, CHIP, and ACA programs. 
  • Children who are eligible for Medicaid are losing coverage because of excessive red tape.
  • Children without healthcare insurance are less likely to receive preventive care and are more likely to need emergency room care.  
The Children’s Health Care Coalition, of which we are a member, has designated the 2021 Texas legislative session as the session to improve health insurance coverage in our state. This means figuring out what legislative leaders will do to improve health insurance coverage for Texas children.   
What can we do?   
  • Attend a League of Women Voters Candidate Forum and ask them about children’s health coverage. 
  • Consult the League of Women Voters Voters Guide to see what candidates say about insurance coverage.  
  • Also, we can join the Sick of It campaign as individuals in our communities to participate in block walks to highlight insurance coverage.

Suppressed the fight to vote Suppressed the Fight To Vote! 

This video features experts, poll watchers and everyday Georgians speaking to the reality of voter suppression and the threat it poses in 2020.

Elizabeth McNamera, Georgia native and past president of LWVUS, created a League viewer's guide for LWVTX.

She is me with photos of six women

New LWVTX Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee

LWVTX has enthusiastically embraced the nationwide League commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We are forming a committee to help develop actions and strategies for LWVTX and local Leagues. If you would like to be a part of this exciting and worthwhile initiative, please email Susan Majors(LWV Richardson), LWVTX Education Committee Chair, at lwvtexas [at] (.)


COTE 411

Nov. 5 - Texas Constitutional Amendment Election Click here for League Pro's & Con's.  See theYouTube videos made by League interns here.

April 17 to 19, 2020LWVTX Convention in Austin 
June 25-29, 2020LWVUS Convention in Washington, DC

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