September 2020 Action News!

September 2020 Action News!

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The election is almost here! And it is confusing! Be the person who knows the answers!
It is time for you to talk about voting and elections with everyone you know! This month I am talking with the media, communities of faith, sororities, educators, nonprofits, and many other organizations. I’m sharing the Leagues’ trusted voter information. And you can, too! 
Our democracy needs your help! Be the person who knows the answers. You probably already are the person your friends, neighbors and colleagues look to for accurate election information.
You can help get out these important voting and election messages!
  • Register to vote: NOW! Push (no printer or stamp required) for the first two to three weeks of September. Last-minute folks will need to contact their League for help from a Volunteer Deputy Registrar or go to their county voter registrar.
  • Vote by mailEligible? Apply NOW! If you get your application to your county early voting clerk before September 19th, you will receive your ballot 30 days before the election.
  • The November 3rd General Election is the first election without straight-party voting! Voters can no longer check one box to vote for one party’s candidates in every partisan race. Instead, voters must mark a candidate for each race. More than ever, voters witll need the League's nonpartisan Voters Guide. It will be available late September on and early October on the League website. Help voters to learn more about all of the candidates, not just the high profile races by sharing and the Voters Guide! The down-ballot offices impact your every day life.

Thank you! I know I can count on you to be a trusted League resource in your community!

Grace  Chimene president League of Women Voters of Texas

Federal Court rules in the Texas "motor-voter" case

On August 28, 2020, Judge Garcia of the US District Court in San Antonio ruled that, under the 1993 National Voter Registration Act, the Department of Public Safety (DPS) is legally obligated to permit a voter registration application with every transaction, including online transactions. Thus, the court ordered the DPS to comply with the law by establishing a system that treats each online driver's license renewal or change-of-address application as an application for voter registration. The DPS system must be fully operable for public use on or before September 23, 2020. We will see if an appeal is filed.

Amicus Briefs filed by LWVTX

The TX League supports lawsuits filed in NY, DC ,and CA challenging the President's directive to exclude undocumented immigrants from Census count. The President's directive made in a memo in July would result in diluting the political power and federal funding of many states and, in particular, states such as California, Texas, and New York with large immigrant population. The Constitution states that every person is to be counted in the Census. Excluding certain persons from the Census count means certain states would receive fewer congressional districts and Electoral College votes, as well as federal funds. Oral argument in the NY case was heard on Thursday, September 3rd at 10:00 a.m. ET.

Webinar Set: What You Need to Know to Vote In Texas!

These webinars are open for all Texas voters to attend. Spread the word

The Ins and Outs of Safe Voting with Christina Adkins, Elections Division, Texas Secretary of State
Date: September 22nd, National Voter Registration Day
Time: Noon
Description: Everything you need to know about Vote By Mail in Texas and all about safer options for in-person voting. 
(After the President) Who Else is on the Ballot? 
Date: October 6th (during Voter Education Week)
Time: Noon
Description: School Boards, County Commissioners, and Judges - how do these offices impact you and your neighbors? This webinar will discuss the responsibilities of down-ballot offices and how the elected officials impact the communities they serve.

Celebrating 19th Amendment 100 Year Anniversary!

Austin singer/songwriter and blues guitarist, Jackie Venson and Texas League President Grace Chimene talk about voting and Jackie played a few tunes for us. Watch the video here.
Kudos also to the Leagues all around Texas that held events and activities to recognize the historic achievement of the 19th Amendment.

TX Women's Conference Gives Shout Out to!

The Texas Women's Conference highlighted in an email to their supporters last week.
You can do this too! Share the link to the League's nonpartisan voter education platform with all the organizations you belong to! Remember to always include .org when you give a shout out!

Local Leagues in Action!

LWV Comal Area, LWV El Paso and LWV Fort Bend
Take the Lead on Redistricting

  Led by Texas League Board Member and Census & Redistricting Issue Chair, Stephanie Swanson, Fair Maps Texas will be holding a series of Fireside Chats to prepare for the upcoming legislative session. The speakers are local League members who are currently working on redistricting advocacy at both the state and local levels. These discussions will address building effective advocacy campaigns for the upcoming redistricting cycle.

Sep. 21st, 7 PM - Legislative Engagement Strategy. Daphne Spraitzar, LWV Comal Area
Daphne worked as a legislative advocate for the US Army and helped people engage with legislative offices. She will be sharing insights into how to have a successful meeting with legislative staffers.
Sep. 28th, 7 PM - Passing Resolutions on Redistricting. Judy Ackerman, LWV El Paso
Judy has now passed 4 local resolutions with El Paso County and El Paso City Council. She will be walking you through the process that the El Paso Fair Maps group used to accomplish this and will be sharing insights she learned along the way.
Oct. 5th, 7 PM - Base Building & Communities of Interest. Lydia Ozuna, LWV Fort Bend
Lydia has put together her own group called Texas Against Gerrymandering. They have been successful at engaging with local community members in Harris and Ft. Bend counties. She will be sharing how they recruit new members and keep them involved.
Way to go, LWV Houston Area!
LWV Houston Area was prominently featured in an article from FiveThirtyEight about the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the voter registration numbers of recently naturalized citizens. The Houston League has been working hard to continue registering recently naturalized citizens during the pandemic. You're doing great work, LWV Houston Area! Stay safe!


Be inspired by voting and civil rights heroines and heroes! Add the LWVTX Voting and Civil Rights calendar to your Google Calendar or iCal.
Never forget an election, add the Texas Elections calendar to your Google Calendar or iCal.
October 5: Last day to register to vote before the General Election
October 13: Early Voting begins
October 23: Last day to apply for Ballot by Mail (received, not postmarked)
October 30: Last day of Early Voting
November 3: Election Day!

More actions you can take!

Under 100,000 in Your County? Request more voting hours!
Did you know that 204 counties in Texas have a population count of under 100,000! Voters in these counties may request more voting hours. Learn how here.
Be an Election worker men and women graphic
Recruit Election Workers & Election Protection Volunteers
Texas counties need more poll workers! Encourage your young friends to help democracy by getting paid to be a county election worker or volunteer to help voters with election protection on Election Day.
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