Support early childhood education, professional development, and access to affordable, high quality childcare. Expand high quality prekindergarten. Increase services for children with disabilities/developmental delays.
Position In Brief: 

EARLY CHILDHOOD + 1990, 1995, 2009 The League of Women Voters of Texas supports policies, legislation, and programs that address the needs of all Texas children and families for accessible, affordable, and quality child care.

The League believes that all children in child care are entitled to a safe, nurturing environment and developmentally appropriate activities. Caring for children is a societal as well as a family responsibility and the state should play a role in meeting child care needs. The League supports the development, adoption, and implementation of a comprehensive state child care policy that includes, but is not limited to:

  • programs designed to provide an adequate supply of accessible child care
  • access to information that will help families recognize and choose quality child care
  • a provision for parental choice in the selection of subsidized child care
  • programs designed to make child care affordable to all
  • consistent and reliable funding, administered efficiently, and used effectively
  • financial support from a variety of sources including federal grants and matching funds, state funds, local government funds, employer contributions, fees for service, private philanthropy 
  • minimum standards, effectively enforced, for child care services
  • measures to promote quality child care
  • coordination of child care programs, services, and funding
  • encouragement of cooperation among groups and agencies
  • a state model-employer program that makes quality, affordable child care available to state employees.
Position History: 

Explanation: Child Care/Early Childhood

At the 1989 state Convention delegates adopted a study of Child Care in Texas. The scope of the study included programs, services, availability, standards, enforcement, policies, and affordability. A Facts and Issues, Child Care in Texas: The Roles and Responsibilities of the State, was produced by the study committee and widely circulated to members, child care advocacy groups, and legislators. Consensus was reached in the fall of 1990, with 28 local Leagues participating.

The Child Care position underwent Periodic Program Review during 1993-1995. Several editing changes that clarify meaning were recommended by the PPR Committee and approved by the membership. The re-worded position is set forth above. A recommendation by the PPR Committee for a substantive addition to the position (support of measures to override local restrictions on the location of child care facilities, including family day homes), was rejected by the membership. The name was changed by state board vote in October 2009 to Early Childhood to reflect the prevailing title used in the industry.

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